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aaaand this is happening.







so this happened a few hours ago

yes, i was hoping someone would post this. i posted a video on my FB by mediamongu (here) that showed this and the mom’s march that was blocked by police officers. they intentionally put female officers in the front line in order to stop the moms from marching. totally fucking bullshit.

in regards to this video, think how many people might’ve been saved if they had moved as quickly and systematically to try to save passengers stuck in sewol ferry as they did trying to stop students from protesting park geun-hye.

speaking of censorship, apparently the blue house has banned media outlets (oh my news, kyunghyang shinmun, hankuk ilbo, and hankyoreh) for reporting on blue house spokesperson min kyoung-wook’s “off the record” remarks about the controversy surrounding the prime minister eating ramen at the gym where parents of the missing sewol victims were awaiting word of their children (they reported that the blue house spokesperson flippantly dismissed people’s criticism of the inappropriate and insensitive behavior of the prime minister eating ramen there by saying,”it’s not like he cracked open an egg in the ramen”).

so basically, all liberal media outlets currently banned from blue house. yup. 

Wasn’t there also an attempt by parents to protest in front of the Blue House about two weeks ago that was also blocked by the police?

the parents took portraits of their deceased children (ones used in funerals in korea) to KBS and they’ve staged a sit-in, they said they’re not leaving til the get an apology. they are demanding an apology for both KBS’ terrible handling of the sewol reporting and also from the news bureau chief for saying, “yea, i know since 300 people died all at once that it seems like a lot of deaths, but when you consider the number of deaths annually from accidents, it’s not actually that much.” i mean, SERIOUSLY??? who fucking says that?? and then ask yourself if you’re going to get any criticial reporting from KBS when the fucking head of the news department thinks that it’s just like any regular old accident, not a completely senseless preventable case of safety regulations being neglected in order to cut corners, allowing companies to hire captains of ships as short-term contract workers in order to save money, govt not imposing strict safety regulations in order to appease companies to allow them to cut corners and save money, rescue efforts made with the goal of discovering bodies rather than save lives, etc etc etc? do you think they’re going to talk about corporate and government responsibility in this tragedy?

(photo from the spokeperson of the families of the sewol victims coalition’s FB page)

KBS has refused to talk to insulted family members - instead they’ve posted an official statement on how “hurt and shocked” they were when really they didn’t do anything all that bad. 

families have since marched to the presidential office (Blue House), which is currently completely barricaded by police bus and personnel. whole roads have been closed off. at the very least they’re in their fluorescent-jacket gear, not the full helmet/baton/shield we’re accustomed to. it looks like this time they’re sincerely trying not to cause any further anger but at the same time being forced to follow instructions from higher up to contain the situation and seal off the families and protesters. up to now they haven’t moved in to “break” the march. still, water cannons are in place .

here’s a link to the current live feed by fact tv

yea 900 police officers deployed to contain 100 bereaved family members at KBS (though it didnt look like more than a handful from the live feed and photos i saw yesterday at like 2am). wonder what the ratio will be for the blue house? 20 to 1? the families are sitting with portraits of their children in front of them… so heartbreaking. how much more bullshit do they have to put up with??

Manufactured outrage

One of my new least favorite (funny that “least favorite” means “most hate”) phrases is “Manufactured outrage” which tends, when used, to be drenched in different kinds of privilege. If ya don’t understand why someone’s upset, why not take it as an opportunity to educate yourself, instead of dismissing someone’s right to be upset, just because YOU are not upset. Nobody needs anybody else’s permission to be offended, hurt, or upset by something. If ya really can’t get outside of your own self for even that long, think of it as an empathy exercise intended to make you a better person, so that it’s about you again.